• Salmon: 25 February – 30 November
  • Sea Trout: 25 February – 30 November
  • Brown Trout: 15 March – 6 October
  • Grayling: 31 December – 31 March

Note: Friars Carse does not permit fishing on Sundays.


To prevent the introduction of the Gyrodactylus Salaris parasite to the river system, anglers must thoroughly clean and treat tackle, waders and fishing equipment before taking access to the river as per the Scottish Executive Guidelines.

Information leaflets may be obtained from:


Fishing Tariffs are available on the Friars Carse website. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Fishing tickets can be purchased by phone at the hotel at +44 (0)1387 740388. No River Board Licences or other charges are required in Scotland. All fishing tickets are paid in full when booking and are non-refundable.  Payment is accepted by debit/credit card or cash.  Friars Carse cannot accept any responsibility for the cancellation of bookings due to bad weather. It is therefore recommended that appropriate cancellation insurance is taken out. The Friars Carse reserves the right to amend prices without notice.


Booking confirmation/permits should be carried while fishing and must be shown on request. If the maximum number of Rods on the water is not allocated, Friars Carse reserves the right to assign these Rods.


It is a statutory requirement to record accurate returns of fish caught, so customers must be punctilious in making these returns (including Nil Returns). This can be done by entering details on the permit and returning it to the Hotel’s Front Desk or by emailing Failure to submit returns may result in future booking requests being declined and permits withdrawn for Season Ticket holders.


The River Nith has been declared a CATEGORY 3 river since 2020, the highest conservation grade assigned by the Scottish Marine Directorate. While this grading pertains specifically to salmon fishing, to help preserve the sport’s future, all fishing on the Friars Carse Beat is done strictly on a catch-and-release basis throughout the year, regardless of species.


  • All Juniors must be accompanied by an adult for health and safety reasons.
  • When returning fish this should be done as quickly as possible with the minimum of handling.


Fishing is subject to these FRIARS CARSE FISHING TERMS & CONDITIONS AND BEAT GUIDELINES as well as NDSFB Guidelines and the River Nith Angerling Code

  • Fly fishing is preferred, but worm fishing is permitted on river levels above 2.5m. Spinning is not permitted below 1ft (except in the deeper, slower-moving pools).
  • Bait may be used for Grayling fishing.
  • Anglers may not use more than two hooks when worm fishing and only if the hooks are tied in close proximity on a single strand of line.
  • Hooks shall not exceed 13mm in length and 7mm gape.
  • Natural prawns or shrimps may not be used as bait or carried on the water at any time.
  • All gravid or stale fish must be returned to the river immediately with as little damage as possible during the whole season.
  • Flies, lures, etc:
    • The use of a gaff is prohibited.
    • Salmon: Red or Orange Ally’s Shrimp tied on a double hook in sizes 8, 6 or 4. Other suitable flies are Stoat’s Tail, Hairy Mary, Yellow Dog, Blue Charm and Brown Turkey. These should be mostly around size No. 6. In high water, a 2” Yellow Dog is suggested.
    • Sea Trout: Peter Ross, Greenwell’s Glory, Medium Olive and Black Spider. The usual size is No. 12 and 14, but up to size 10 at night may be required. For spinning, a Devon or Blue Silver Minnow is recommended.
    • Grayling: Bait may be used.


A beat map may be requested from the Hotel’s Front Desk or downloaded from the Hotel’s website. Anglers may use the hotel’s parking facilities and are requested to sign in with the Hotel’s Front Desk upon arrival and return their catch record upon departure (including Nil returns). All gates must be left closed, and paths must not be unobstructed. Dogs are only permitted to accompany fishers if they are always kept on lead. This is necessary because of the presence of livestock in the majority of fields adjoining the river and of free-range fowl on the grounds. No fires may be lit. Please do not leave any litter anywhere.


An Angler’s Hut located near the Policeman’s Pool may be accessed using a key available upon request from the Hotel’s Front Desk. The Angler’s Lodge is available for hanging rods and waders on the hotel’s ground floor and can be accessed via Hotle’s rear service entrance. Goods left in the Hut or Lodge are done at the owner’s risk. Please ensure the Lodge, drying areas and hut are left in good condition. Any damage should be reported to the Hotel’s Front Desk.


Anglers and visitors may use the Lodge, drying areas, Hut,  stiles, crossing places, access routes, parking spaces, fishing huts and paths at their own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the Hotel for any loss, damage, accident or injury which may be sustained and which may be due to the use of the above facilities. If an accident occurs, customers are required to inform the Hotel’s Front Desk, and an incident form must be completed.


If an angler would like the services of a Ghillie or Tutor, please contact the Hotel’s Front Desk in the first instance by phoning +44 (0)1387 740388 or by emailing Independent Ghillies or Tutors are not permitted without prior permission from the General Manager.